Providing secure staking rewards
for institutions and individuals
on the Cardano Blockchain

Why stake with us?

STAKRPOOL is run by a group of non-profit orientated Cardano enthusiasts in Germany who started it as a grassroots initiative to increase ADA adoption locally through our stakepool

  • We’re dedicated to being an amazing operator for our delegators and will strive to provide 99.99% uptime for our stakepools.
  • Dedicated Operators – We understand that our pool might not earn as much as the larger pools at the moment, but isn’t that the point of decentralization? We’re dedicated operators and we appreciate every single delegator!
  • Open for all – Crypto has no race or religion, and neither do we. We’re open to any and all Cardano enthusiasts who are looking to secure the blockchain through staking


Ticker: STAKR

Pool ID: 0cf9fe123ae59a2647456d459c9c7d185cab1f9676696b37777e97a2

  • 0% Fee
  • Trusted
  • High Performance
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Commitment






Minted Block

500000 $

Total staked value with Stakrpool
High Performance

We constantly monitors and reviews metrics to ensure peak performance of the stake pool, translating into higher rewards for our delegators.

No Margin

Our fees are set to 0%. We only take the standard fixed fee so we can cover our basic costs.

Our Commitment

We are truely committed to contributing to the decentralization of the Cardano network. We are committed to push the decentralization as far as possible.